Our products

We stock a huge range of products for a wide variety of pets and farm animals.


nick phone may 2015 199DOGS & CATS


We are stockists of Hills, Iams & Eukanuba, James Wellbeloved, Supadog, Beta, Sneyd’s Wonderdog, Royal Canin, Dr John’s,  Omega, Buckton’s, Pedigree, Baker’s & various other complete diets.

We also stock a range of tinned food, pouches  and mixers, VAT-free working mixes and a wide variety of treats and chews.

Animal Health Products

  • Flea control products
  • Vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Milk Replacer for orphaned kittens & puppies
  • Shampoos


Collars, leads, food bowls,  pet carriers, toys, harnesses, coats, clicker trainers, books etc. etc.

Bedding &  Litters

  • Stockists of luxury Euro-stitch soft beds & blankets
  • ‘Vetbed’ cut to any size
  • Selection of other beds & blankets
  • Wide variety of cat litters


nick phone may 2015 181BIRDS

Wild Birds  various wild bird mixes, peanuts, fatballs, sunflower seeds and hearts.  Bulk buy option to save money. Variety of feeders, nest boxes & bird tables

Pigeons  – selection of pigeon corns and treatments available.

Caged birds  – specialist feeds stocked for parrots, cockatiels & parakeets, budgies, canaries, & finches. Bird cages, bells, leg rings & toys.

Poultry  – feeds, feeders, drinkers, grit, leg rings, lice & mite treatments, wormers.



Foods  –  specialist foods available for rabbits, guinea pigs,  hamsters, gerbils, rats & mice, ferrets and chinchillas.  Also various nibbles and treats, and hay.

Bedding  – hay and straw in various sized packs, sawdust, shavings, fibre and paper beddings.

Cages  – various cages and hutches available, also drinking bottles, feeding bowls etc.


nick phone may 2015 183HORSES

Wide range of feeds including TopSpec, Dengie, Spillers. Bedwell & shavings bedding available. Also range of equipment, headcollars & ropes, haynets, shampoos, bandages & wound ointments, fly repellents.

Equine exchange buy or sell second hand riding equipment & clothes at Toft Animal Supplies. Come and browse our selection of clothing, tack, rugs, & equipment—save yourself a fortune on new prices!



General equipment  for the stockman / shepherd – milk substitutes & colostrums, spray markers, lamb rings, lubricant, ear tags, calving ropes etc. Feeds for smallholders, goats/sheep/ llama/alpaca



Tropical & goldfish foods, pond feeds, hemp and fishbait. Water treatments, pond pellets and sticks.  Fish tanks, gravel & ornaments.